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 tugo Media gives you an exclusive opportunity to launch your own live TV channel on tugo TV using our all-in-one cloud solution.  

tugo Media provides channel owners with all of the tools necessary to succeed, so that broadcasters can concentrate on creating content, scheduling broadcasts, monetizing ad space, while growing their brands.

tugo TV Will

Help You Be Seen

tugo TV’s platform features mainstream cable programming, offering popular news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, music and children’s channels, as well as some local major networks.
What makes tugo TV unique is that we also offer over 60+ faith-based channels in the same place!
By having your channel included within our line-up of popular mainstream networks, your brand will be visible to an even larger demographic you wouldn’t have had access to before!

Get More Air Time

For Your Budget

tugo TV can help any content creator have an impact by being broadcast on a worldwide media platform at a fraction of the cost. 


For less money than purchasing airtime in off-hours on local television stations, you can have your own 24-hour channel featuring your own branded content, scheduled how you’d like it to appear. 

Engage New Audiences With

Your Own Channel

tugo TV is available in over 30 countries and growing, giving you instant access to over 2 million households or over 5 million people! With a little bit of marketing, there’s no limit to how big your channel can grow!

CANADA   •   USA   •    MEXICO   •   CARIBBEAN   •   EUROPE   •   ASIA 


Sell commercial slots for events, products or services.


Allow partners to create content to
air for added revenue streams.

Take Control and Become Self-Sustaining


Promote your own upcoming events and specials.


Decide what content you 

will air and at what time.


Reach new audiences in over 30+ countries worldwide.

Want Your Channel To Be Added?

Reach the World with Your Own Channel

By launching a TV channel on tugo TV, your viewers will have an incredible opportunity to watch your programming using any viewing device connected to the internet, wherever and whenever they want.

Your channel will be available across all of tugo TV’s multi-platform: 

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Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It takes 2-3 weeks on average. 

  1. We recommend starting with a 6-hour loop and increasing your loop duration as you create more content and/or sell time slots on your channel. 
  • – 6-hour loop; content will play four times per day  
  • – 12-hour loop; content will play twice per day 
  • – 24-hour loop; content will play once per day 

Yes, having a name and brief description for each program is a requirement for the channel guide. 

Yes, you can. You can send us a ready to broadcast HLS link. 

Closed-captioning will only be required if you intend your channel to be a regulated tier-one service. This would mean that you are a licensed broadcaster with either the FCC (in the USA) or CRTC (in Canada).  

You must adhere to general broadcast rules that apply globally. No racist or hate speech will be tolerated. Swearing or Nudity must appear with viewer warnings as per North American broadcasting laws. 

3 Terabytes of cloud storage is included. 

In addition to HLS, we can also provide MSS, HDS, MPEG-TS, DASH and RTMP links.

Yes, you can sell block time and commercial slots to monetize your channel. 

Tugo TV subscribership keeps growing every day. We cannot forecast your viewership numbers on our platform, as this will be determined by the quality and appeal of your channel’s content.   


Tugo TV spans across the USA, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Europe and Asia. The potential viewership for your channel is endless with access to over 1billion people. Currently there are over 2 million people and growing with access to Tugo TV’s streams.

We offer a complete technical solution that is accessible via the internet using your computerTugo Media’s all-in-one cloud playout solution allows you to upload your content via FTP, schedule your programs, and playout your channel using our customized portal. 

Formatting: Files are to be delivered in the H.264 (MP4) or H.265 (HVEC) format with a bit rate not exceeding Mbps. Acceptable frame rates are 29.97 and 23.97 frames per second. 
Resolution: files are to be delivered in either 1280×720 (720p) or preferably 1920 x 1080 (1080p). It is recommended to scale back video bitrate for 1080p videos to ensure smooth streaming playback on all platforms. 
If you have SD content, we recommend it being upconverted to 720p (we can provide you with this service if needed), so that your audience has an optimum viewing experience of your programming.  

Yes, it has to be at least 720p. 1080p is preferred. If you have older SD content you can play ithowever it should be upconverted to 720P (we can help you with this for a nominal fee if needed).  

Your ECG is automatically generated using our Cloud Playout Service. If you are handling your own playout, we request you provide an updated EPG on an hourly basis from your existing provider.

Yes, using an HLS link and an HLS compatible player. You can also Ad connect to YouTube, Twitch and Facebook.